Wedding Favors & Party Favors Ideas – Mini Champagne Bottles

A popular gift among friends is gifting a bottle of sparkling champagne. A smaller version of the traditional gift is now taking over – gifting Verdi Sparkletini’s, the fastest growing imported sparkling wine. The new fun drink comes in various fruity and refreshing flavors, including strawberry, peach, green apple, raspberry, and acai, and the mini bottles (weighing in at 187ml, approximately the size of two champagne glasses) have exploded on the scene and opened up a world of creative, fun ways to gift a bottle of sparkling wine to your friends, family and guests.

These adorable mini bottles are being used more than ever for event and party favors or gift bags or boxes, adding a certain sophisticated touch to any gift. Just a few creative ideas that party planners are using them for are:

  • Party Favors – decorate with ribbons and glitter, or replace the the label with a custom message, to hand out as a gift for your next birthday party, bridal shower, or for wedding favors. Your guests will walk away impressed.

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  • Welcoming Bag – hosting your friends at your home for a getaway weekend? Surprise them with a touch of hospitality with a mini bottle in a welcome bag.

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  • Seating Assignment “Escorts” – put your guests names for your wedding or dinner party on each mini bottle of champagne. Use different flavors to create a rainbow of colors.

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  • Gift Baskets – celebrate your friend’s big promotion or a family member’s graduation including the mini bottles in their gift basket. Popular pairings with champagne include dark chocolate, cashews and fresh berries.

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The best part is, you can include this fun and thoughtful gift with these mini bottles to the masses without throwing off your budget. Most Verdi Sparkletini mini bottles are priced at just around $3 to $4 a bottle.

If the fruity flavors are not your taste and looking for something more on the traditional side, mini bottles of champagne, prosecco or brut also are available and can certainly be used in the same ways as above to add a creative and festive touch to any occasion.

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